Sunday, March 7, 2010

Up Wins Best Animated Feature

So Up won its Oscar for best animated film. I'm still pretty sure it won the award for this scene alone, though the rest of the film was a joy as well.

Hope they do as well in other nominated categories, too. Not holding my breath for Best Picture, however.

UPDATE: Aaaaand a win for best original score. Congratulations, Mr. Giacchino!

But wait a second. Logorama wins best animated short, with something like this in competition with it? I guess the Academy saw more in crappy Second Life animation than I did.

And a request: Now that Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker have won the big awards, can we stop with the Smurf photos on each and every Oscar story now? Please?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Alas, no. Now comes the hand-wringing from Avatar's media lackeys, such as Richard Corliss in Time. Avatar lost, by the way, becasue the Academy is a bunch of old, wizened luddites who won't watch a film if they can't see it on their old Zenith television set. Never mind if Avatar had won the Academy would be future-seeing visionaries who want to send a message.

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