Thursday, March 4, 2010

KID Radio and Bobby Vinton

Nobody, and I mean nobody -- with the possible exception of the slugs in "Flushed Away" -- can sing this song like Bobby Vinton. Perhaps we should do a comparison:

It's well Mr. Vinton should be the one to sing this song the best -- he wrote it. That I did not know. Again, this is one of those songs they played a lot on KID AM 590 when I was a kid. Why does that radio station -- and these songs -- play such a prominent role in my childhood memories? Probably has something to do with how brains are set up and how aural memories like songs are stronger than other memories but are also linked to the weaker memories so when the sound is "played" again in the brain, those memory connections open up. Or it could just be that we listened to that station a lot when we were younger. But I do remember that alarm clock radio sitting in the brick niche in the kitchen next to the stove. It was always such a privilege to turn it on in the mornings. And we never, ever changed the station.

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