Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Phonics Gone Mad

People, people, people.

I know I'm guilty of the occasional typo. The occasional transposition. The occasional flub from a fat-fingered typist. But at least I look words up if I'm not sure how to spell them.

Unlike this guy, who went totally commando on "hilarious," which, even for middle schoolers, isn't a difficult word to spell.

If you're to weak-stomached to click the link, I'll reproduce the spelling here. And I promise it's ugly:


Gouge out your eyes if you want. Or ponder, for a moment, this guy:

trying to spell. Just remember, them Hogwallops'r kin!

So unless you're this person and are looking to turn your Star Trek TNG persona into a pseudo-adjective, get a dictionary.

Speaking of personas, with this post I introduce the Phonics Nazi, the more evil twin brother of the Grammar Nazi. Get used to hearing from both of them.

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