Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NPR Explains. Sort of.

Argh. Just when you think maybe you've got a handle on things, something comes in to change the game.

I wrote earlier about my efforts to understand the current proposed health care bills. Generally, my understanding is growing and, generally, my desire to see a version of these bills passed into law is growing.

Now NPR had to go and remind me of something: The sweetheart deals. So maybe these deals -- like the Cornhusker Kickback -- are still in the bills being considered. Mr. Cornhusker himself, Ben Nelson. D-Nebraska, says he wanted to kickback in the bill -- effectively exempting Nebraskans from paying into portions of the bill while everyone else in the country had to obey the lay -- in order to vote for it, but now favors getting it the hell out. Good thing, because even liberal-way-beyond-leaning MSNBC realizes such deals are deal-brakers.

It's heartening to see, per NPR, that another deal is in the works to kill these deals. That's good news. If we're fixing health care, let the same fix apply for everyone.

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