Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup. Ubiquitous as oxygen and sunshine. how many of us acutally take the time to think about maple syrup? If you have, you're the better man. Because I never do. I use it on my waffles and pancakes -- we make our own out of that imitation maple syrup flavoring you can get at the store. I don't like the store-bought stuff. Too sugary.

Never, to my knowledge, have I tried the real thing. So reading Joseph Burkhead's story about making maple syrup in Michigan is quite a learning opportunity for me. Sure, folks around here make their own root beer, but as we have a significant lack of maple trees, no syrup. The closest we get is huckleberry syrup, because said berries grow in abundance in my neck of the woods.

So read the story. It's a fun one. I wonder what sage brush syrup would taste like? Sage brush, probably. Nice to smell. Not sure I'd want to eat it, though.

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