Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coming to a Close at the CPB

Staff at the Cokesbury Party Blog (Gladys; back row, left; Skip, Henrietta, Gordon, Lillian; front row, left; Alma, George, Martha, Maud, and Eloise) preparing their fancy duds for the inevitable End of Blogging Party. I'm the one taking the photo, of course.

In just about a month, the last post will go up at the Cokesbury Party Blog, one of this blig's many, many affiliate blogs. At last count, about eight posts to go. And of course I'm beign coy. The blog, for the most part, ahs been on autopilot since the end of January, though I do keep up with the times and do some little edits and tweaks if something comes up in Cokesbury Party Book Land, which doesn't happen nearly as often as you would think.

For those of you ontenterhooks: I still haven't found a book to which I could do justice in order to continue life at the CPB. There was that one contender at the used book store a few weeks ago, but when I was able to go back to the store with money, it was gone. I know, truly the Internet's loss.

The only other options I can see on the horizon include:

1. The New Freedom, a book written, optimisticaly, by Woodrow Wilson, as he was campaigning for the Presidency of the United States, or,
2. A book written by the secretary to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I have to admit, neither really appeal to me from a blogging perspective, so I'll indeed keep on looking.

And if you have any suggestions, drop me a line here, or, better yet, send me a book at PO Box 572, Sugar City, ID 83448.

Disclaimer: Anything you send to the Cokesbury Party Blog will become the absolute and exclusive property of CPB and will not be returned for any reason, unless, of course, your death threats prove intimidating or you ask really, really nicely. Do not send children; we have three and that's more than enough already.

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