Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing with Passion

This is Victor Borge, above. And Liberace, below. Both wonderful men, playing the piano. With passion. They don't do this because it's their job, or because they have to, or because someone else wants them to do it. They do it because they love it. They're passionate about playing. Their hours spent at the iano practising is not onerous, it's wonderful. It's play.

We can do this, too. We just have to find what we're passionate about.

I have growing passions, but it's this year that one of them -- writing -- is actually coming out. Why is it coming out? Because I'm doing it. I'm not waiting for the grand idea, for the entire plot, for everything to be perfect. I'm just writing. It's not necessarily all that good, but parts of it, yes, I can see progress.

This is how things get done. This is how a piano player turns from a player to a virtuoso. Practice and passion. I hope the passion I have for writing is showing through in the things I'm writing. I've started on a few projects. Haven't finished one yet. But my gosh, something's in the water this year. I can feel it coming out. I'm excited.

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