Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Open Office Quirk

I love Open Office's word processor because, well, I'm obliged to.

It fits the budget. It works somewhat better than the version of Microsoft Works that came with this computer (why they can't sell computers, well, cheapies, with Microsoft Office or a better processor than Works as standard is beyond me).

I miss WordPerfect. The last desktop I had came with WordPerfect, and I loved it. Never gave me a lick of trouble. I was very sad when that computer died.

But now I'm stuck with works, too cheap to buy WordPerfect, and too set on using a word processor to use InDesign, which my wife uses as a word processor. So I used Open Office.

But it has a quirk I can't figure out (you anal retentives out there can relax; I finally got to the point of this post).

When I copy a block of text out of Open Office and paste it into the little text editor Blogger uses, all of the metadata from Open Office is displayed as text, ranging from OO telling itself what font to use to HTML tags on divisions, spans, et cetera. Same things happens with the Uncharted text editor. Why? Why? Why? When I paste into Microsoft Works, nothing happens. Nor does it happen in e-mail. But in these WYSIWYG editors, there it is all over the place. I could go non-cheap and buy WordPerfect, I suppose, or learn to put up with the inefficiencies of Microsoft Works. But I'd like to continue using OO, if someone can tell me how to get around this error.

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