Saturday, May 29, 2010

Addition of Legos

The next house we buy is going to have a garage. I don't care what else it has. If the bathroom is an outhouse, that's okay, as long as there's a garage.

Why this obsession? I'd like a place to put stuff. I'd like a place big enough to put stuff in.

This came up again today because, of all things, Legos. Our boys have a super abundance of Legos, some of which we bought and some of which came to us from Grandpa, who invested a few hundred dollars in Legos then abruptly said he was out of that business and sent them all hone with us.

The boys love their Legos. So much so that we find them everywhere. Every time I sit down, I find them, squished into couch cushions, abandoned on a kitchen chair, on the floor of the Pilot, or behind the toilet covered in bathroom fuzz. So Michelle got a Lego Desk for them, one Grandpa was going to toss. (Yes, I sense a conspiracy here; he's busily getting rid of stuff by sending it home with us. Even the Pilot used to belong to them.) But of course we have no room for the desk, unless we get rid of the bouncy horse which no one uses but, for some reason, the five-year-old refuses to part with.

Enter the garage. If we add on a two-car garage with a bonus room over it, that might solve the problem. It'll introduce a slew of new problems, of course, namely how to pay for it. So we'll go tomorrow to see some sketches my draftman brother has drawn up for us. Maybe we'll get lucky and we can kill two birds with one stone by building the addition with Legos.

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