Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally, Someone Thought of the Robots

This is no ordinary add for some hoi-polloi travel service. This ad put laid-off employees back to work.

That's how put it, and it's an apt description: The dollies controlling the cameras are robots that used to work in the auto industry.

I can't say they're used to a spectacular fashion in the ad, but given that these robots could ahve laid idle or at worst been thrown away, rather than re-used in a different way, it's significant. They could easily have ended up as piles of e-waste, while ad company Autofuss spent more money on special camera dollies. Instead, they went bargain-shopping and, using what they found, got the equipment they needed. Sounds like they had to learn how to operate the robots, but they would have had to do the same thing with for-built dollies anyway.

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