Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Post Reuse! "Moodometer"

Note: This post was originally published over at My Refrigerator - Art from My Kids, but the art is so dear to me this week I thought I'd share it here as well. And drumming up additional traffic for my other blog can't hurt, either.

Yet another contribution from our oldest, who wants to quantify EVERYTHING. Beginning to think we might have to start calling him "Numbers" Riktor, a Terry Pratchett character who thought you could count everything.

Anyway, today we're quantifying moods. The following is a "Mood Chart" that we have on the refrigerator. Almost every day, it's adjusted by the children (the oldest drives this) so we know, at all times, what mood everyone in the house is in. We all have our own individual magnets; mine is a block of magnetite.

I'm just grateful this is still the kid version, because I hear tell that the teenage model comes only in "surly" and "noncommunicative."

On this chart, my favorite is the "Uh Sure" block (lower left corner). The character's eyebrows are very expressive. "Smug," (first row, second from right) with the repeated raised eyebrows, is also a show-stopper. 

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