Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Time for Peas

As much as I look forward to getting the last carrot out of the garden in the fall, so the blankety-blank thing can be put to bed for the season, thus eliminating the need to weed, I also look forward to the time we can plant.

Yesterday, I plated peas. We haven't tilled the garden yet, so I spaded up a little patch and got some bush peas and snow peas in the ground. Yes, I find excitement wherever I can. And soon I can look forward to this:

Sometimes, I tend to overlook the flowery aspects of growing vegetables, but the flowers some of these plants produce -- like peas -- are quite attractive. The squash plants also produce magnificent blooms that I'd pick if I didn't know they'd turn into squash if I just leave them alone. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are a bit underwhelming, bloom-wise.

I do love me flowers. We've got some volunteer pansies coming up in the flower bed in the front yard, underneath the cherry trees that are going to blossom before long. We've got some daffodils blooming, and may have a few tulips open up before the week is out. I always look forward to the tulips, partly because when I was a kid I imagined, looking down into the innards of a tulip blossom, that I was looking down into the maw of the "planet killer" from Star Trek:

Planet Killer


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