Monday, May 10, 2010

Fifth Disease

So we're battling Fifth Disease at our house.

Our daughter was sent home early from school today because she'd broken out in red splotches and had a very, very slight fever. Our oldest son kind a flipped out when he put his pajamas on tonight and noticed the same slightly itchy red splotches on his legs and arms. And since I got the call at about noon today letting me know about the sickies, I've been itchy all over. I know -- it's psychosomatic. I don't have the disease. Yet.

Our youngest is now alternating between worrying he's going to get it -- a sure bet, considering where he lives -- and teasing his older brother that he's got swine flu.

As diseases go, it's not bad. So it's a little human parvovirus. It's not like we're puppies or cats or something. And we don't have any pets in the house, so the more serious pet condition isn't likely. But I wonder: Did we get it from the cat across the street or what? I do know it's rampant in both the schools our kids attend. Michelle thinks I ought to take it to work to spread it around a bit there. I'm not so sure they'd appreciate that.

I now know what it's like to live in a Cootie Platoon.

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