Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to the Same Old Crap at CNN

Last week, I wrote about CNN/Nancy Grace's frenzy over the discovery of skeletal remains on the foothills east of Idaho Falls, and Grace's focus on the possibility that the remains might be those of Susan Powell, a Utahn missing since December. CNN's initial story focused solely on Powell, neglecting to mention that Idaho authorities were fairly certain the remains were that of one of two local missing women, likely Stephanie Eldridge. Grace backpedalled a bit in a follow-up story, finally mentioning Eldridge and Amber Hoopes, though she's still fixated on the Powell possibility.

Why I don't know. It's as if Eldridge and Hoopes simply exist as sideshows to Grace's Powell narrative. I understand Powell is the most recent victim, and that the proximity leaves things open to question (at least until evidence to the contrary came in) but I can't figure out why CNN hasn't switched gears to ask for leads in the Eldridge or Hoopes cases, instead of beating the Powell drumbeat. Both Eldridge and Hoopes are missing women, cold cases, Grace's niche.

Today, more proof, here.

Again, it's all Susan Powell. Nothing about Eldridge or Hoopes, even though local authorities are all but certain now they've found Eldridge. I appreciate follow-up on a story, especially when done right by the national media. This is follow-up done absolutely wrong. Eldridge and Hoopes may as well not exist, as far as CNN is concerned.

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