Monday, May 10, 2010

Nonsense Poem

This world, it keeps on getting worse.
What we need more is nonsense verse.

When the news inspires epithets
When you’re spitting coffee at the Internets
When the left is vile and gross and smug
When the right just needs a hug
Read a little nonsense verse
‘Fore you end up in a hearse.

By Armour, the ketchup bottle,
By Ogden Nash, the Axolotl
By Lewis Carroll, Father William
Or other poems just as sillium.

Something moralistic by Belloc
Something dark by Richard Edward Gorey
Read something penned by some old pillock
And you’ll be feeling hunky-dory.

If that doesn’t work, this will, you bet
Sit down in front of the TV set
Turn the sound down way below
Tune it to some news talking-show
And as the talking heads do their blather
Guests and pundits foam and lather
Fill in their words, yes, every whit
By reading ‘loud The Scroobious Pip.

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