Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Wife Gets Things Done

So how's this for news: The Sugar-Salem School District will end the school year two days and a few hours early, calling May 29 the last day, rather than June 3. This just a few days after my wife talked with the district superintendent about closing early.

The in-district discussion I blogged about earlier came to a vote among classified employees, who voted -- this is unofficial, of course -- 77 to 7 to close school early. So there was that, too. My wife didn't do everything.

As I mentioned earlier, it's more of a symbolic money-saving gesture than a real money-saving gesture, but at least the symbolism is there. I don't believe the district will save tons of money, but at this point -- and especially as they ask patrons for a $450,000 levy -- making even token money-saving gestures might help. What also might help is that patrons in the neighboring Fremont School District approved a $1.8-million levy a few days ago.

I think Sugar's prospects of getting the levy passed are good. I know how I'll be voting, at least.

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