Monday, May 3, 2010

Treasury of Laughter Kicks Off

I promised it would start in May, and to my thankful legion of fans, I can say this: I will not disappoint. At least not in the starting in May thing. There are many other ways I am likely to disappoint over at The Treasury of Laughter blog, but at least, by golly, it started on time.

Yes, by golly. And by gosh. And by goshen. And any other colorful, colloquial rubism I can come up with. For the first entry over at the Treasury of Laughter deals with folklorist and dramatist George Ade, who wrote many fables almost exclusively in slang. His writing sounds like this, only much more incomprehensible because Ade was born in 1866 and died before the end of World War Two. In 1944, for those of you too dim to know your history.:

More to come at the blog in the future, of course. It'll be totally rad. Awesome, dude.

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