Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Theory on Dishes

This is my theory on dishes. As Anne Elk [Miss] would say it, this theory is mine, that is, this theory that I am about to tell you is my theory.

Yes, dishes. As in many households that have not yet gone completely over to paper plates and such, dirty dishes accumulate in our house. Because whoever designed our kitchen decided that the modern family did not need counter space, the dirty dishes in our house accumulate in front of the microwave. That is after someone has gone 'round the house and collected all the dirty dishes from the other accumulation spots (living room, the stairs from the basement, my desk, et cetera). Once collected, the dishes form a mighty fortress of disgusting ceramic, stainless steel, plastic and glass in front of the microwave.

Then I want to make microwave popcorn.

The conundrum: Do I move the dishes aside and make the popcorn, or do I do the dishes first, then make the popcorn?

This is where my Theory of Dishes come into play: The dishes accumulate in front of the microwave so I am forced to deal with this dilemma on a constant basis. The dishes certainly could be stacked elsewhere in the kitchen, yet they inevitably appear in front of the microwave.

Most nights, I opt to wash them.

This is a good thing. As Michelle does the lionesses' share of chores around the house, it's good that I wash the dishes, whether I am forced into making a Hobson's Choice about having to wash them.

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