Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Designing a Stop Sign

There's something twisted and wrong about this little video, but I like it.

I know this is exaggeration. Hyperbole. But at the root of all exaggeration and hyperbole, there is truth.
I've kind of gone through this, but in a different way, at work. There's a certain emergency response procedure that's been my burden since I got to my current job four years ago. It's come a long way, and in fact is a lot better in many ways than it was when we started. But we keep tinkering. The last time we tinkered, one of the tinkerers didn't like the finished product, even though he was involved in the tinkering. So we tinkered some more. I think we've got it in good fettle now, though you can never be sure. I try hard to strive for perfection but never to bring the concept up, lest someone decide that perfection has not been achieved and things need more tinkering.

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