Saturday, May 22, 2010

Johnny, Roberta, and Susan: More Fossilized Fud Music

As much as I do not like driving on snow, shoveling snow and having to stare at snow six months out of the year, I love Christmas. Something like this is a principal reason why. Don't be squeamish, it's Johnny Mathis singing the Bach-Gonoud version of "Ave Maria." You rarely hear this song -- any version of it -- on the radio, even on those all-Christmas all the time stations. I don't know why. It's such a beautiful song.

But that brings me to the man singing the song -- Johnny Mathis. He is one of the top artists that say Christmas to me.

But let's moe on to something else: A Johnny Mathis/Roberta Flack Song-Fight with "Killing Me Softly." First, Johnny:

Now, Roberta:

Now, as much as I like Johnny Mathis, I have to give this one to Roberta Flack.

True, the next artist here isn't necessarily a fossilized fud. But I'm going by the song here, not the artist.

I know Susan Boyle's hot in musical circles now, but I still have to give the song to Mrs. Flack.

Just a note on Susan Boyle, though. Proof you had damn well not judge a book by its cover. I love watching and re-watching the video linked here, just to see first the rather snotty reactions from the audience as she announces her intentions, followed by their reactions after they hear her sing. It's a powerful reminder to me to listen first, get to know first, consider first, and such, before making any decisions, hasty or not.

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