Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Love Technologeeeeeeeeee

While it's true I love technology -- I have to; I've got three computers on my desk at home, an iPod Touch and I'm in a Skype meeting right now, yapping about what we can do to make into a money-making opportunity to make us rich beyond our wildest dreams -- sometimes it gets a bit weird.

I found out today, for instance, that my father-in-law no longer uses burnable CDs or DVDs, and has gone completely into flash memory. So there he is as advanced at the Mars rovers, and I'm still fussing around with bits of plastic with holes in the middle.

I also had a dream a few nights ago that I had perfected the marriage between an iPod and an 8-track player, meaning I could use the Queen and Roger Miller 8-tracks I found. I am a technological fossil.

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