Monday, April 19, 2010

Behold the Yoo-Hoo Bird

Another welcome springtime arrival is the ubiquitous Yoo-Hoo Bird, or the black-capped chickadee. When these little guys arrive, springtime is complete for me. They mean more even -- well, almost -- than the spring flowers (crocuses, daffodills and tulips) that are popping up in the front garden.

They get their nickname, of course, from their distinct call. I guess I can hear the fee-bee as described, but it'll always be known as the Yoo-Hoo Bird to me and my kids. It's also delightful to hear them (the birds, not the kids) shout the typical "chickadeedeedee," which is one of the few bird calls on which I can agree with others -- that's exactly what they're saying.

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