Friday, April 9, 2010

Restoring the iPod Touch, in Real Time. Or Something Like That

Ah, isn't technology wonderful.

I was going to restore my iPod Touch last night to see if I could get it past it's Terms and Conditions have been renewed but damned if there's anywhere to go to accept them error, but our internet was out and thus I was unable to complete the chore. But since Jake from BridgeMaxx came -- and aren't we lucky to have him around so we don't have to wait hours to get things fixed -- this morning and now that our internet's working, we'll see what happens.

The restore is done.

Now syncing.

Oh nohrr! Binkohhhr!

Errors, I mean. Probably from apps that I had loaded and then dumped because they were stupid. But progress goes onward.

Capacity during sync keeps flipping from 29.28 GB to 4 GB. Something wicked this way comes.

Yup. Now it wants to claim that my iPod Touch has only 4 GB memory. I'm going to kill somebody.

Going to restore again. Hoping I'm not setting myself up into an endless loop that's going to really, really, REALLY make me mad at Apple.

Second restore seems done. Now we'll see if the errors go away. During the dump, iTunes recognized the near 30 GB capacity of this device. We'll see what happens.

Restoring the iPod (again) from a backup. That's where we ran into trouble the first time. We'll see what happens. But my thumbs are pricking.

Okay. Things appear nominal. Capacity on the screen matches what's supposed to be in the iPod Touch's innards. Waiting  . . .

Capacities still match. Getting ready to sing "Daisy, Daisy . . . "

Everything still nominal.

Nothing untoward yet. I just hope it gets me past this T&C issue.

Capacities still match.

Apps are done. Now working on a big chunk of audio.

Audio's done. Now working on the movies. And the son is anxious to get on the computer to play Lego Indiana Jones.

Capacities still match. This is looking good. But will the T&C error be cleared? I'm worried about that since I'm doing a backup restore now. Will I just be restoring the faulty settings? I don't know. And there's nobody at Apple apparently willing to help me with this problem. Got an e-mail from one of their drones today, pointing me to the FAQs on the website -- meaning he has no idea how to fix the problem I've got. Maybe I should have sent in the useless screenshots they wanted. The Apple Drones should not be denied.

And don't tell me to take it to a genius bar, either. Maybe they have a nerd at the university bookstore who can help, but for a real genius bar, it's a six-hour round trip. Yes, I live in the sticks. By choice. I make a ton of money and pay less on a mortgage payment than many pay for rent or a car payment, even. So neener neener.

Now working thru my Jonny Quest cartoon collection (the originals, definitely not the reboot. I like my crapanimation unadulterated, thank you very much).

Only 40 more files to go. I have way too much crap on my iPod Touch. But I do not know, truthfully, how I lived without it. And that sad, sad time between the death of my first Touch -- it went through a full clothes washer cycle -- to the day I got my new one. Sad days indeed.

I'm still pleased the capacities still match.

Almost done with Jonny Quest. And as I used to work for Qwest, I want to write "Jonny Qwest." That would be an insult. To Hanna-Barbera.

Now syncing "The Ladykillers." Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. Not the new one. Old School, remember?

Son lamenting his fate. He has to pick up about a dozen Legos before I let him go on the computer. Oh, the humanity.

Watching an episode of "The Goode Family" while this thing syncs. It had better work or I'll be chapped.

And it DID NOT WORK. Still getting that stupid Terms and Conditions error. Damn Apple and everything they stand for.

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