Sunday, April 25, 2010

Work on the Evil Secret Lair Continues Apace

Thanks to Grampa, I'm one step closer to completing my evil secret lair.

He gave us a desktop computer, one that the kids use at his house when they play games. It's now set up on the emergency backup wing of my desk, a scant five feet from my original desktop and just above the drawer where I store my laptop. It is now entirely possible that I could be at my desk using two desktops, a laptop and my iPod Touch simultaneously. Cue evil chuckle.

Only disadvantage: I did have to shovel a stack of books and some miscellaneous paperwork off the desk to make room for the new computer. Bummer. But we're going to have to build new shelves in this room anyway, since the 120 linear feet of bookshelf we already have is overflowing onto the floor. This is NOT a room in which I'd like to be if there's ever an earthquake.

And yes, rest assured, my wife says if that situation ever arises, she will roll her eyes all over the place. And there's few men who can let a free-floating full-torsoed eyeroll go unnoticed. And since the "game computer" (ostensibly for the kids) is an older model and has a serial port, it's quite possible I could dig our emergency backup scanner out of storage so we could have TWO scanners going at the same time. It's quite likely if this madness continues I'm going to overload the circuits in this room, cause a massive explosion and then cause the neighbors to shake their heads and say to each other, "Well, looks like his evil lair reached a criticality." And wherever I might be at the time, I'll probably have a smile on my face.

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