Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Writing Weaknesses

And here we are.

The last installation of Oont, my little novel writing project, is dissatisfying on many levels. I'm to the point I need to explain some of the machinations my characters are going through, and I'm not certain how to do it. I don't necessarily like the standard approach -- characters sitting around doing a Sherlock Holmes Q&A denouement. It's junk, it's crappo, it stinks, I hate it, as Jerry might say if we were camping somewhere in the Mosquito Coast.

I wrote earlier that I like my writing to be organic, to flow, to let the charactes decide where to go. Now I need to sit back from that approach and do some planning so I have a framework, at least a rudimentary one, for my characters to follow.

That's not going to make the explanations any easier to write, but it might help make further explanations eaiser to handle.

I also realize I'm working on a first draft, and that many, many revisions are in store for this beauty. First of all, I need to explore the relationships between my two main characters more, put in a little more exposition perhaps. That sounds odd coming from me, the Master of Exposition, since I tend to do too much of it. And maybe that feeling will pass. What's important at this point, I still maintain, is to get the first draft done, then edit.

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