Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hack Writer Questioning His Worth

Here’s the hack writer question of the day: How much do you have to tell your readers?

Case in point: My worrywarting a day ago about my current project being too obscure, with not enough exposition to explain to the reader what’s going on. This morning, in trying to figure out how to balance this stuff out, I remembered the advice I found just a week ago (full post here):
Aside from trying to communicate, don't think of your readers when you create your comics. Please yourself and a few friends. Then hope for the best.

Don't reach out all the way to the reader -- don't worry about being "obscure" or ambiguous -- if you're sure of what you're doing, ask the reader to meet you halfway.
So the question is this, then, if I want to follow that advice: Am I sure of what I’m doing?

Almost. I mean, for the most part, yes. In general, I’m sure of what I’m doing. Some of the specifics are a bit fuzzy, but this is a first draft after all. The skeleton. Some parts have organs and flesh and skin, others are just raw bone, to continue a ghastly metaphor.

So I keep plugging on. And listen to German music. Because German music is introspective, and I want to introspect.

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