Monday, April 12, 2010

Pulitzer Time -- for The Enquirer?

UPDATE: Snubbed. No surprise there.

I sincerely hope, when the Pulitzer Prizes are announced today, that The National Enquirer is among the winners. If the Putlizers mean anything to journalism -- certainly to investigative journalism -- they'll see past the "tabloid' appellation and rightly award the paper journalism's top award for its investigation into John Edwards.

Particularly, they deserve to win because the mainstream media treated the Edwards story so lightly -- because, I believe, he is a Democrat, and, at the time, a strong contender for the presidential nomination. A Pulitzer for the Enquirer would shame those in the mainstream who shunned the story as "tabloidish" while not recognizing the story at its face value -- a fair bit of journalism on a prominent public figure and rising star.

The minastream press has a nasty habit of avoiding stories that don't toe their liberal line. CNN is certainly doing some interesting hand-wringing over the whole situation, though part of me thinks the reporter is cheering them on. A liberal in trouble certainly fits the bill for a story apt to be ignored. Did they treat Mark Sanford the same way? Or any other politcian, for that matter? Hardly. Why they treated Edwards with kid gloves is a mystery. Why the Enquirer didn't is why they deserve a Pulitzer.

The prizes will be announced at 3 pm ET today. I'll be watching.

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