Monday, April 12, 2010

We'll Get to it Eventually . . .

Do you know what the worst part is concerning the trouble I'm having with iTunes not wanting to acknowledge that I've accepted (I won't say read, because I didn't) the latest Terms & Conditions? It's all of the forum messages on Apple and Apple-related sites saying, "Oh, this happens every year. They refuse to acknowledge there's a problem, but they'll get around to fixing it eventually."

Every year. Refuse to acknowledge. They'll get around to fixing it.

This from the Magic Company?

Secondarily maddening: It appears I can download all the free podcasts I want, without any balking at all. It's when I want to download a free app that I run into the roadblock. That's why I don't buy Apple's argument that it's something on my end causing the network timeouts, or balking at recognizing that I've already accepted the blasted T&C. It seems all they want to do is send out a canned response without really looking at the symptoms I'm describing. So I await with great anticipation the next communique from Apple. Probably just refer me to the FAQs or forums again. Hardly worth the time.

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