Friday, April 16, 2010

Hail the Telephone Bird

Our friends the red-shouldered blackbirds -- and their wonderful call -- have returned. I look forward to these birds almost as much as the meadowlarks. Okay, not as much as the meadowlarks, but they're a close second.

I love their calls. Wikipedia describes them as a "cong-a-lee," but these birds forever will be known to me and mine as the Telephone Bird, because, if you squint your ears and hold your head just right, their call kinda sounds like an old-fashioned phone ringing.

Went on a walk with Michelle earlier today and at the vacant Sugar City Business Park, we ran into a bevy of them, perched on a few little scraggly willows trying to grow by the canal. They really stand out this time of year, with their black feathers and red epaulets stark against the brown of spring.

And no, it doesn't bother me that the males' calls this time of year basically boil down to "Have sex with me, I have red feathers on me shoulders." I just like hearing the calls.

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