Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who Needs the Internet for Memes?

So i have to confess. I still find the Singing Russian Guy funny. It helps tremendously that he has such a catchy tune.

And another confession: Scott Meyer may inadvertently be writing one of the best comic strips on marriage out there. I mean, look at Missy. Soooo verrrry tiiiiiired. Yet not tired enough to turn the tables on her husband to get revenge. Revenge -- at least the quiet kind -- is a staple of a good, solid, sustainable marriage. As is an open willingness to annoy the partner in a way that incites more annoyance but does not cross the line into axe-murdering territory.

This is how my wife gets revenge on me: If I ever say or repeat or annoy her with something, she just starts humming this tune:

It immediately embeds itself in my frontal lobes and will not leave. She shows no remorse in instigating her revenge, Nor should she, because, like Scott and Rick here (panel three) I can be damned annoying at times and I deserve every shred of revenge my wife dispenses. I've even awoken the morning after having had this tune planted in my head and it's still there, happily churning away, just as soon as the alarm shuts off.

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