Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

I'm very excited. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.

What does that mean? Well, a free comic book, obviously. The tale is if you go to a comic book store on May 1, they give you a free comic book. Probably from the leprechauns, or at least the stock of stuff they can't sell.

Me, I like my free comics from the web of all places. Basic Instructions for the iPod Touch, to be specific.

I might be tempted, though, to see what a brick-and-mortar store might have to offer. Rexburg, being the kind of cowtown that Everett Ulysses McGill would find to be two weeks from everything, we have no comic book store here. Idaho Falls has two, so maybe this one will be worth checking out.

I have to admit I'm a peculiar comic book collector. I'm much more into strips than I am actual comic books, so it's not likely they'll be giving away what I like -- BC, Charlie Brown, Cul de Sac. The traditional comic books I do enjoy reading are French ones -- Asterix, Tintin, and a few others, though I never did learn to like Lucky Luke.

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