Monday, April 26, 2010

Big News

Wow. It's been so long since I've been on a news embargo, I almost forgot what it felt like.

But we do indeed have big news here at Mr. Fweem's blog. No, we're not having another baby. We have three children, and as Bill Cosby would say, the reason we have three children is that we do not want four. So the news is not that there's a muffin in the oven.

The news is that Michelle is going back to school, officially. She got her acceptance letter this week from Utah State University, where she'll begin working on a master of science degree in English with an emphasis on technical writing, in the same degree program I finished last July.

I'm excited for her, and a bit jealous. I really enjoyed the classes I took in the program, and was a bit disappointed to see them end. Of course, I could go back for a PhD, but then again I could also gnaw my arms off.

So she starts in the fall, though she's going to try to talk them into letting her start this summer. We'll see what happens. Whenever she starts, I'm excited for her. It's a fun program.

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