Monday, April 12, 2010

Sixty Degrees and Other Spring Ramblings

We had our first sixty-degree weekend.

What bliss. Walks with my wife while wearing shorts and without a jacket. Bicycle rides with the kids without having to wear jackets. Just a lot of doing a lot of things in general without having to wear jackets.

Did I mention I'm tired of jackets?

Saw -- not just heard -- the first meadowlark of the season. they're a lot bigger birds than I give them credit for. For some reason, I always picture songbirds as being the little guys. Not this meadowlark. He was bigger than the robins we see, nearly as big as some of the juvenile crows we've got around town.

Oh yeah -- the sixty degree weather brought out the crows. I know they hang around for most of the winter, but the warm weather really brings them out in droves.

And the mice. I was getting a handful of firewood to toss into the wheelbarrow -- these sixty-degree days still make for chilly evenings, we have to have a fire going at night -- and managed to pick up a mouse between a few piece of wood. I heard a squeak and saw him squirming, so I screamed like a little girl and dropped the wood. I hope he ran off.

Tried cleaning the shed this weekend. Did get the wagon out for the kids. Did get most of the Christmas decroations stowed. I have many, many Christmas decorations. Too many, in fact. Boxes and boxes of lights. I even threw several strings away this weekend. I'd had them stowed in the shed, thinking I'd remove all the light bulbs and save them to fix subsequent strings. I took off about half of the lights from the first string and then gave up and threw the rest of them away. Shameful, I know.

Also changed a flat tire this weekend. One of the tires on the camper went flat. So now the spare is on the camper and the flat one is waiting to be fixed and to become the spare.

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