Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News Flash in the Pan

Why do we have 24-hour news channels if the news they report has to be so poorly done?

News item: A body found in the foothills east of Ammon may be that of a female. Local police believe, and local news outlets report, that the body may be one of two women missing for years in the Idaho Falls area. Local and utah media report it could possibly be the body of Susan Powell, a West Valley City woman missing since December. West Valley police, however, are doubtful, however, and the regional media report those doubts.

Then there's this: Local police are sure the body isn't Powell's.

Then there's Nancy Grace over at CNN. So convinced is Grace that this is Susan Powell that Stephanie Eldridge and Amber Hoopes aren't even mentioned in her story, video here. They don't merit a mention, CNN? Really?

I know -- maybe the news of the IFPD's determination hasn't filtered up to CNN or Nancy Grace. But you'd think if she were interested enough in giving the story national airtime, she'd be interested enough to keep following up and to give pertinent information. I guess we'll see what happens today, but I'm not holding my breath.

And yes, CNN, the body was found in a rural area -- but the report makes it sound like this is an extremely remote place, not just a spot in the foothills in a county with a population of just over 100,000 people. Oh well. i guess this is what happens when a crime happens in Flyover Country, and a "rural" part of it to boot.

Update: Tuesday night, Nancy Grace did mention Eldridge and Hoopes. That's good news.

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