Monday, April 5, 2010

Touchy Trouble

I'm just gonna throw this out there to see if anyone else is having this problem:

I can't download apps to my iPod Touch anymore.

Here's what happens: I find an app, something scintillating like the latest free SpongeBob Squarepants game, taht I want to download. I hit the install button. I enter my password. Then I get a happy little message that says that the terms of service have changed and that I need to read and accept them before I may continue. I tap OK to read the new T&C, which conveniently never load. I just get a message saying that I can't connect because the network timed out.

So i go the old-fashioend route, via my desktop, to my iTunes account to see if I can accept the T&C there. No such luck. I can read them, but nowhere in the world am I allowed to accept them.

Then this weekend, I downloaded iTunes 9.1. Again, I was given the option to read and accept the T&C at that time. I figured the problem was solved. Went back to the aforementioned SponeBob app. Still got the same T&C message, the same song and dance about not being able to load them to read and accept.

Is it because I'm cheap and never buy a paid app that I'm put to the bottom of the pile?

Is the whole iPad phenomenon so overwhelming iTunes that I just can't get in? Or is there something broken on iTunes that nobody's bothered to fix yet?

I know it's not my network, because I get get to the Internet both on the desktop and via the iPod Touch. It's just something gummed up in iTunes.

I submitted an online help request, and heard back from them this weekend. I will give Apple that: They're prompt with service. However, all they did was ask for screenshots of the error messages, of which I already gave them the text. I also fed them the info about downloading iTunes 9.1 and accepting the T&C but still getting the error. No response yet. Maybe they'll be one there tonight when I get home. Maybe not. It's just a frustration.

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