Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dog Gone

The stray dog that called our alley -- specifically, the patch of grass underneath my wood-hauling trailer -- home for nearly the past year is now in the pokey.

The city, with the help of the sheriff's office, trapped the dog last night in what Petey Pate would likely consider to be a clever trap; one no one else could think of: a wire mesh cage with food at the back and a door triggered by the sound of dogs munching. I thought for sure he'd evade the trap, but just before I went to bed last night I could hear an unfamiliar barking outside and sure enough, he was in the trap. That I went out in bathrobe and barefoot, even though it had snowed that day, shows something about my mental stability.

I feel bad for the poor thing. Of course, had he sucked up to us more over the last year, he might have spent this winter indoors and would not now be a resident of the Rexburg Animal Shelter, no doubt encountering the off-color and pittoresque guests already incarcerated therein.

I just hope he doesn't meet the euthanasiast's needle too quickly.

And here's soemthing for the cartoon nerds:

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